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March 26, 2014

Aicent to Top Two Million Monthly LTE Roamers This Month

Aicent, a multi-service IPX of mobile data network services and solutions for mobile carriers around the world, is getting ready to celebrate a major milestone. According to its calculations, the company is on track to reach two million monthly roamers connecting through its LTE Roaming Exchange by the end of the month. This should go a long way toward marking Aicent as a major player in LTE roaming.

This news comes at a time of increased competition in the international data roaming space. There are more options available to international roamers today than ever before as companies like Skyroam, which offers cheaper global roaming with its 3Gmate solution, have hit the scene. Meanwhile, wireless providers have also taken drastic measures in terms of data roaming, the most prominent example being T-Mobile, which stopped charging for international data roaming late last year.

Still, Aicent has managed to stand apart by offering high-speed, high-quality LTE roaming services to the largest IPX network of global LTE mobile operators.

“Aicent is pleased to announce this latest milestone of reaching over two million monthly roamers,” said Zidan Lian, senior director of Product Management for Aicent, in a statement. “This achievement is a testament to all of the hard work we have put into developing our extensive network of global LTE roaming mobile operators and our continued success in providing a superior roaming interconnect solution, based on guaranteed quality of experience while delivering the quality and class of service required for LTE.”

Major factors affecting Aicent’s growth and success include the phenomenal growth rate of the infrastructure that supports LTE roaming. According to the latest GSA reports on LTE, over 274 LTE networks commercially launched in 101 countries, while global LTE subscriptions topped 200 million. In the wake of this, Aicent’s network of LTE-based mobile operators grew to over 64, connected by over 115 routes and supported through a comprehensive global network of diameter routing platforms in North America, Europe and Asia.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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