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May 10, 2014

Mobility TechZone Week in Review

Another week passes, and the world of mobile technology is full of exciting new developments and headlines that promise to change the face of the industry. Furthermore, studies released this week show that mobile devices are rapidly increasing in popularity and usage, and the snowball effect doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon.

For starters, a report from Strategy Analytics showcases just how popular mobile phones are globally, with the announcement that by the end of the first quarter of this year, more than 408 million units will be shipped around the world. The report includes a mix of smartphones and standard mobile phones, but the rapid surge of smartphones is still evident as approximately seven out of every 10 shipped mobile devices was indeed a smartphone. The popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are even beginning to edge laptop and desktop computers out of the market, which could place that market in jeopardy in the near future.

Of course, non-mobile desktops and laptops are not the only market that could be in jeopardy from the rise of portable computing of comparable power. Mobile gaming is also on the rise, with faster processors and better displays coming closer and closer to matching the output of traditional console games. Indeed, games like Candy Crush, Flappy Bird and Temple Run are already among some of the biggest earners in the industry, while even name-brands like Nintendo are struggling to keep up.

One exciting new game that's predicted to rock the mobile marketplace is called Jewelion, developed by Tangerine Pop and Engage Mobility. Jewelion is unique because it incorporates community involvement through several mediums like Twitter and Facebook. This allows users to engage one another in discussion about tips and strategies in an easily accessible location. Already, the app is rated at around 4.5 stars out of 5 from user reviews.

Of course, laptops are not quite dead yet, and a new Chromebook pair released by Lenovo seeks to find a niche market for the format. Chromebooks offer only the essentials for a laptop, serving as little more than a vehicle for a chrome browser and Google drive. However, Google Drive offers powerful programming for word processing, spreadsheets and more, and combined with Internet access is the bulk of what people use laptops for anyways. The new models offer features similar to tablets, such as a touch screen and the ability for the screen to fold backwards and rest on the keyboard like a stand.

THEO also released a new product this week in the form of a new wireless device charger, which works with Apple and Samsung devices. Users can charge their mobile devices by simply placing it on top of a power pad, which wirelessly transfers power to a smartphone or tablet. The THEO wireless charger even supports a backup battery pad, which it will charge simultaneously.

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