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September 22, 2014

North American Companies Moving Forward with LTE

While Europe is still dragging its feet when it comes to LTE adoption, the United States is moving forward at a rather quick pace. The LTE North America event is going on later this year, and all the major service providers from North America are going to be there. The talk of the event will be about how all these major carriers can move LTE forward in the coming years.

A new study by industry analysis firm Ovum found that North American LTE subscriptions make up more than 45 percent of total subscriptions. This shows the big time popularity of the LTE market in recent times. Among the technologies getting more popular all the time is VoLTE tech.

People are always looking for faster Internet connections, and LTE is leading the way. There are a number of new networks popping up across America all the time and the companies are competing with each other to lure customers in using this network.

While fast 3G used to be the way to a customer’s heart, LTE is now the network that companies are using to draw their customers in.  Advertisements from one company after another have been talking about which of the firms has the bigger and faster LTE network. All of these developments mean that what was once considered a next generation type network is not the current generation. All the major firms in the United States now have some kind of LTE network going up across the country.

While some firms are taking longer than they should to rollout their high speed networks, there is no doubt that each and every firm has bought into the notion of the technology. Where the tech goes from here is still largely up in the air, but at the convention in Novembers, members of the country’s biggest providers will be talking about the LTE-A and 5G networks.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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