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October 04, 2014

Mobility TechZone Week in Review: Apple's Growth is Changing the Industry

Perhaps there are no more talked-about companies in the world of mobile technology than Apple. Apple's iPhones, iPods and iPads sparked a global interest in smartphones and media players, and although many similar products already existed Apple was able to breathe life into the industry. Despite where people stand in the Android vs. iPhone debate, the debate simply would not exist as it does today without Apple's popularization of the devices in the first place. With the recent release of the iPhone 6 and its variants, Apple is still going strong, and still having major effects on the industry around it.

Now that the iPhone 6 sales have firmly become one of Apple's most profitable releases, it appears that the company's brand identity is one of the largest factors behind the profits. Despite the fact that the iPhone 6 offers relatively few features that are actually revolutionary to the industry, those who are purchasing the iPhones are almost universally pleased with their products. In the face of the infamous bending phone fiasco, an official statement from the company confirmed that only nine customers had actually called to complain about the issue. Simply put, the brand identity means that those who are committed to getting iPhones are very satisfied with the ease of use of their current phones, and are very likely to upgrade to the next model in order to avoid learning a different system.

Of course, Apple wants more than just the die-hard fans to purchase their products, and now Apple has announced a gold-colored iPad skin for one of their full-size models. While the iPad Air's metallic portions are already available in silver or gray, the golden palette is now also an option for customers when they purchase the tablets. This is likely a reference to the gold iPhone 5s, which sparked its own consumer craze upon release. Apple is likely hoping that the same figures can be repeated with another golden device.

In response, Deutsche Telekom is reconsidering it's previous motion to sell T-Mobile US. While the company could gain considerable much-needed assets by selling the company, recent growth in the enterprise has forced Deutsche Telekom to weigh this decision more carefully. Since T-Mobile is currently growing while other businesses are shrinking, selling the company now seems like a much more foolhardy endeavor.

Finally, iLuv has released several new mobile accessories that are compatible with all major smartphones and mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads. The new Rockwall 5 wall charger will power up to five devices simultaneously, while the myPower portable battery will keep the same devices charged on-the-go in the case of a suddenly dead battery.

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