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January 11, 2016

Celltick Start Now Powers BLU Smartphones

Unless you’re really into smartphone software or user interface innovation, you might not necessarily know about Celltick Start, which promises to provide Android users with “what they want most when they wake up their phone.” Put simply, Celltick Start is an Android homescreen replacement that aims to turn the smartphone UI into an engagement opportunity. It’s relatively new so it isn’t widely known yet, but that may change now that BLU Products has selected Celltick Start to power the interface of its newest phones.

Celltick Start challenges the status quo of modern smartphone interfaces, which are by and large quite similar to desktop interfaces that have been around for decades. As such, Start is adaptive, making it different for every user. This is largely due to its intelligent back end, which identifies user traits and tailors the start screen dynamically to match those traits. By leveraging big data, the Start platform learns user habits and creates a personal experience for each user.

This is useful as Start may, for example, notify the user about their preferred sports team scores. It’s also just plain fun, according to BLU.

“BLU Products focuses extensively on creating mobile devices that are fun, easy to use and stimulating,” said Mariana Ferreira, senior director of Business Development at BLU Products. “Celltick’s Start helps us to increase the appeal of our products even further, by enabling a highly-engaging and personalized user experience, every time a user interacts with their phone. Across the globe, smartphone adoption is continuing at a rampant pace, and partnerships with companies like Celltick enable us to better capitalize on these opportunities.”

By partnering with Celltick, all future BLU Products phone models going forward will feature Celltick Start as the default interface, including the BLU Vivo 5 and Vivo XL that were on display during CES 2016.

“In a hypercompetitive mobile device market, manufacturers must utilize every opportunity to build brand loyalty. We are proud to partner with a high quality affordable device manufacturer such as BLU to disrupt the North American device market. We are confident that we will enable BLU to craft out a new identity to create personalized technology,” said Ramgopal Vidyanand, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Celltick.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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