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September 20, 2011

Ubidyne Launches uB700 Antenna Embedded Radio Product

Ubidyne, a leader in Antenna Embedded Radio technology for the wireless industry, recently launched uB700 Antenna Embedded Radio product that supports 4G (LTE) in the North American digital dividend band (700Mhz).

“Ubidyne was founded in September of 2005 to address two urgent needs: decrease the costs and increase the performance of mobile networks. Our team brought this concept to reality with our industry-first Antenna Embedded Radio, garnered the support of the world’s leading mobile network operators and incited what is now an industry-wide Active Antenna movement,” commented Michael Fränkle, CEO of Ubidyne, in a statement. “Today, we are pleased to announce the introduction of our second product, the uB700 Antenna Embedded Radio, and look forward to achieving another industry-first milestone as we prepare for trials.”

A simple and high performance solution, Antenna Embedded Radio reduces energy consumption, enables simple, flexible deployment, and increases the coverage and capacity of mobile communications networks at lower cost points. As a result, mobile network operators are able to deliver optimal performance and quality of service.

“I have followed Ubidyne since the very beginning. The company has led the industry in the development of Active Antenna Systems and I’m excited to see Ubidyne bring this powerful technology to the North American market,” said Brian Modoff, Mobile Research Analyst, Deutsche Bank.

Ubidyne is leading the industry in the development of dynamic digital antenna embedded radio technology for wireless communications. Ubidyne’s Antenna Embedded Radio technology is the world’s very first commercially viable active antenna system for wireless communications. Last year, the company completed the integration of its multi-standard uB900 Antenna Embedded Radio product with ZTE's SDR (Software Defined Radio) basestation platform. Powered by ZTE unified MicroTCA platform and MCPA technology, ZXSDR 8200 is the new generation compact outdoor micro basestation which adopts advanced SDR technology.

Rahul Arora is a MobilityTechzone contributor. He has worked as an editor and freelance writer for several reputed organizations in India. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

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