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January 29, 2013

iOrion, More Apple Apps for the Legal World

There is an app for almost any entertainment activity, and now for almost every industry. There are apps to make college applications easier, allowing users to connect with social media and even monitor their health, and now with the help of Orion, there is a new app for financial and practice management.

Orion is a financial and practice management software company for professional service terms and has just announced the release of their mobile version, iOrion.

Recently CASEFOLIO released an iPad app for lawyers, serving as a legal document review pad. Just as the medical industry has begun to create new EMR systems that eliminate the many documents that need to be filed, a new app for lawyers creates the same paperless solution. 

Along the same lines, with the help of the new iOrion app, lawyers can now manage the monetary aspect of their job. iOrion is a financial management mobile application that allows legal professionals to enter and access data from Orion using any iOS device, where they can manage their cases, billable time and expenses.

“I love the iOrion Mobile App and use it all the time on my iPad. Now, I can be even more productive while I’m out of the office because iOrion lets me capture billable time, access client contact information and review/edit time entries from anywhere,” said William J. Dunaway, Shareholder at Clark, Partington, Hart, Larry, Bond & Stackhouse. “iOrion is easy – it’s available instantly and eliminates the need to log-in to our remote desktop system because I can pull up the necessary data on my iPad through the iOrion App.”

iOrion is a simple to use application with features like Contacts, which allows users to view all contact related information and monitor phone calls and emails in order to bill clients for their time. The Time Management function is where users can enter all the service time information in order to create a bill for a client. Users can also access Client/Matter Data, where all key client and financial information are stored on the go to help with billing information.

For more information about iOrion, click here.

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Edited by Carlos Olivera

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