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February 04, 2013

Apple Purchases 18 User Interface Patents from Maya-Systems

We don’t often think of the bigwigs in the personal computer industry needing to turn to outside companies in order to come up with software and technology for their devices. The fact of the matter is that companies like Apple and Microsoft turn to outside organizations all the time in order to make their software just a little bit better. It was recently announced that Apple had acquired a group of patents that were previously owned by Maya-Systems that had to do with an innovative axis-based user interface. In all, Apple purchased 18 separate patents that had to do with the technology.

Apple might be at the top of the computing world, but it is always aware that its customers are constantly looking for the next big improvement. After seeing iOS 6.0 be one of the most popular operating systems Apple users have ever downloaded on to their mobile devices, the company just released their newest OS, iOS 6.1 just five months later.

For its part, Maya-Systems managed to make itself a pretty penny by putting together a new kind of user interface that appears to be ahead of the curve when it comes to companies putting together this kind of user interface technology.

"We dealt with a significant number of sophisticated buyers," Mathieu Audet, founder of Maya-Systems and patent agent said in a recent statement about the purchase. "We are pleased to have secured the transaction with Apple." "Our patents have been analyzed thoroughly by many potential buyers. We are confident that they are strong assets”

 Having been founded in 2002, Maya-Systems, based out of Montreal, Canada, is certainly not new to this game. The company has specialized in developing advanced content management technologies since its inception. Apple has not said what they will be using the new patents for, or when they will begin work on incorporating them into its existing technology.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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