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September 18, 2013

Smartphone Heavyweight is the 'Apple' of OTTER's Eye in Deterring Texting While Driving

It’s almost as if you can’t turn a corner without spotting millions of iPhone users on the loose. What’s unfortunate is that it also seems that you can’t turn your car on without seeing millions of iPhone users on the road. While the “It Can Wait” sentiment has become a staple in encouraging drivers to leave their texts for sending once they’re out from behind a steering wheel, OTTER, LLC’s latest petition for Apple CEO Tim Cook seems to think it can wait, too… or at least until you’re using OTTER’s Text and Drive software.

OTTER founder and CEO Erik Wood explains that the iPhone does not offer any form of speed-activated or auto-reply software to its users, which in turn makes them more likely to become distracted by their devices while driving. In an attempt to continue the movement against texting and driving, Wood is bringing his petition to Apple. “We have heard from thousands of iPhone users who want our Text and Drive software on their phones. We felt like this petition would be a good opportunity for Apple customers to take their message directly to Apple,” he says.

As texting while driving remains the No. 1 killer of teens across the United States, Wood’s petition for implementing safer practices behind the wheel may be just what the nation needs. Furthermore, more than half of all smartphones made in the United States are manufactured by Apple, so that company may be the perfect go-to for getting this movement on the right track.

OTTER co-owner Troy Niehaus thinks so, too: “We believe Apple can maintain the security its customers expect and deliver software that allows iPhone users to make safe choices on the highway. This goes beyond downloading an app. It should just be a built-in feature on all smartphones.”

OTTER co-founder Jon Lam echoes Niehaus’s thoughts and the urgency for a halt to this epidemic. “Now, more than ever, it’s time take on this epidemic on a large scale, and Apple has the ability to tackle it like few other companies can. Our goal is to give bicyclists, motorcyclists, and all drivers an easy way to let Apple know that this is a priority – and it takes less than 30 seconds to sign the petition,” he says.

After all, Apple rules the technology world at the moment, so it only seems fitting that the company take the wheel on this initiative, as well.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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