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May 11, 2012

Applied Global Technologies Unveils EncoreB2B

A new mobile video platform called “EncoreB2B” has been introduced by Applied Global Technologies (AGT).

It provides a secure connection with the Mobile Pathway Protocol, according to a company press release. Also, the EncoreB2B Platform connects to existing Cisco, Compunetix and Polycom infrastructure. It provides secure connections and operations between mobile devices and HD video systems, the company said. It can be used on varied devices or in different locations. That makes it different from the H.323/SIP firewall traversal for mobile devices. They, for instance, can’t achieve a connection with another network, the press release explains.

"Today's standard mobile video solutions work well inside your network, but break down in the B2B environment," Mike Valletutti, CEO of Applied Global Technologies, said in the statement carried by the San Francisco Chronicle. "Communication between companies, a critical component of business communications, is rapidly changing with a workforce that expects BYOD [bring your own device] and tablets in the enterprise. It is a market that is clearly underserved and EncoreB2B's key differentiator - seamless B2B connectivity - enables workforce mobility."

The Mobile Pathway Protocol is a firewall traversal which does not need firewall devices, Information Technology configuration or system registration, the press release adds.

In other recent news, MobilityTechzone reported that AGT and Cartel Communications Systems, a provider of industrial wireless communication based in Canada, are partnering. They will offer interoperability between tablets, smartphones, laptops, and High Definition video conferencing systems, according to MobilityTechzone. In addition, they will employ AGT’s ENCORE Unified Communications (UC) Video platform and FATHOM HD, MobilityTechzone adds.

AGT provides managed services and UC technology for mobile video conferencing and interactive solutions. It is sponsored by Georgia Tech. It offers solutions for distance education, the federal government/Department of Defense, Fortune 1,000 companies, service providers, small-to-medium-sized businesses and state governments.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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