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Ed Silverstein is an award-winning reporter and editor, who has written for newspapers, national business magazines and online news sites. He has covered technology, business, legal issues, national politics and several other topics. He received a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard.


Latest Articles

04/10/2014 Lightroom Mobile for iPad Now Offered by Adobe
04/10/2014 WhatsApp Offers Prepaid SIMs in Germany on E-Plus
04/03/2014 FCC Continues to Review Spectrum Use
04/03/2014 vMobile Lets Vitelity Revolutionize Cell Phones for Business Use
04/03/2014 Super Wi-Fi Provides Alternative Wireless Access
03/28/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Mobile App Sector Development Continues to Grow with AppGyver Raising $2.5M from Investors
03/19/2014 iQsim Makes it Easier to Send out Millions of Messages
03/07/2014 Enhanced UMTS Test Tools Announced by GL Communications
03/07/2014 U.S. Government Sues Sprint for Alleged Overcharging on Court-ordered Wiretaps
03/06/2014 ip.access Announces New Breed of 'Presence' Small Cells
03/04/2014 U.S. House Approves Compromise Cell Phone Unlocking Bill
02/28/2014 2013 Was a Year to Remember for NAND eMMC Memory
02/20/2014 UppWireless Offered Via T-Mobile Data Network
02/19/2014 Huawei Technologies, ZAO Explay Will Sell Android OS System Phones with Yandex Services Pre-installed
02/19/2014 Sage Offers Three New Mobile Apps for Business Solutions
02/19/2014 Ruckus Unveils Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) Service
02/12/2014 Apple Files for 3 US Patents in Quantum Dot-Enhanced Display Technology
02/06/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: New VC Investors Drawn to Apptopia
01/29/2014 Smartphones Will Continue to Be Wildly Popular in Most Markets
01/14/2014 FCC May 'Intervene' if AT&T Sponsored Data Plan Found to Be Anti-competitive
12/17/2013 Comings and Goings: Gregory Lee Named President, CEO of Samsung Electronics North America
12/17/2013 Gregory Lee Named President, CEO of Samsung Electronics North America
12/10/2013 Passing on the Left! Verizon Wireless Ups Speeds, Capacity of 4G LTE
12/05/2013 Broadcom Announces New Platform Well-suited for Small Cell Deployment in Emerging Markets
12/02/2013 XL Axiata, Huawei Demo 'Turbo Button' to Increase LTE Speeds
11/20/2013 Nokia Shareholders Say Yes to Sale of Mobile Phone Unit to Microsoft
11/06/2013 Android OS Patents Could Be at Stake in Latest Lawsuits
10/16/2013 Siri 'Eyes-Free' Service to Be Offered on Many of Next Year's Chevys
09/26/2013 DAS Spending Jumps 30 Percent in United States
09/24/2013 BlackBerry Delays Rollout of BBM for Android, iOS for at Least One Week
09/20/2013 Multipath TCP is Likely Included in Apple's iOS 7
09/20/2013 Getting the Runaround from Verizon about Using a Google Nexus 7 LTE Tablet
09/18/2013 China Unicom Sees 100,000 Reservations for Apple's iPhone 5C, 5S
09/16/2013 Microsoft Tries to Lure iPad Users with Lucrative $200 Trade-in Offer
09/10/2013 Phablets' Success in Asia Could Lead Apple to Release a Version Next Year
09/10/2013 Europe Lagging in Mobile Sector, Government Policies Need to Change
09/03/2013 Lower Prices on Microsoft Surface Are Made Permanent After Company Promotion
08/30/2013 Three to Offer Limited UK 4G Service Starting in December
08/29/2013 WLAN Market Sees Increase in Revenue for Q2
08/19/2013 Ericsson Named One of Four 'Leaders' in Magic Quadrant for LTE Network Infrastructure
08/13/2013 AT&T, Google Tell FCC They Want More Access to Free Up Spectrum for Wireless Broadband
08/08/2013 Microsoft Releases Update for Skype for Windows Phone
08/08/2013 Malicious Android Apps Predicted to Total Over 1M by End of 2013
08/07/2013 Carmakers Want FCC to Delay in Reassigning Wireless Spectrum
08/05/2013 Canada Nervous Over Verizon's Possible Entry into its Wireless Market
07/31/2013 AT&T Mobility to Acquire Long Lines Wireless Network Assets
07/26/2013 AT&T Has Positive News to Share About Q2 Revenue, Growth in Subscribers
07/19/2013 verykool's Very Cool Phones Can Easily Withstand Ruggedized Demands
07/11/2013 Tangoe Now Providing Clients Mobile Lifecycle Advisory Service
06/12/2013 T-Mobile Netherlands Chooses Openet Evolved Charging for Mobile Services
06/10/2013 youAPPi Raises $1M from Glilot Capital Partners
06/04/2013 New Canadian Wireless Regs Could Mean Higher Prices for Smartphones, Consumer-Friendly Changes Coming
05/16/2013 Route1 Offers Free Trial of MobiKEY for iPad to Help with BYOD Trend
05/06/2013 European Regulators Issue Statement of Objections to Motorola Mobility over Patent Dispute
05/01/2013 Cell Phones Bring Higher Incomes, Other Benefits to Lower-Income Workers
04/24/2013 Both SoftBank, Dish Remain Interested in Sprint Nextel
04/18/2013 Kuayiong Launches Web App Store
04/17/2013 Federal Trade Commission Goes after Wise Media for Alleged 'Crammed' Charges
04/16/2013 Multi-Tech Systems Makes It Easier for Organizations Moving From iDEN to CDMA Technology
04/12/2013 Non-Licensees Remain Prohibited by UAE Government from Offering Telecom Services despite Etisalat's Recent Actions
04/11/2013 US Cell Phone Service Program to Needy Incurs More Scrutiny as Controversy Continues
04/05/2013 MokaFive Names New Top Executives, Unveils Upgrades to M5 Solution for iOS
04/04/2013 Nvidia Now Offering Five New Notebook GPUs
03/08/2013 JDSU Acquires Location-Aware Software Company Arieso for $85M
03/07/2013 Controversy Generated by F-Secure Report about Dominance of Android OS Malware
03/07/2013 Industry Sees Less Need for NAND Flash Memory Given Current Smartphones and Tablets
03/06/2013 Lazo Letting Billboard Operators, Advertisers Reach Consumers for Free via Smartphones
03/05/2013 Yahoo Stops Offering Seven Products Including Mobile App for BlackBerry Smartphones
03/05/2013 Seagate to Stop Making 7200rpm Mobile Hard Drives, Instead Focus on Solid-State Hybrid Drives
03/05/2013 White House Wants Ban Lifted on Cell Phone Unlocking - With Key Caveat
03/05/2013 White House Wants Ban Lifted on Cell Phone Locking - With Key Caveat
03/04/2013 White House Wants Ban Lifted on Cell Phone Locking - with Key Caveat
03/04/2013 FCC Will Review Unlocking Ban on Cell Phones
02/27/2013 Accel Telecom's Voyager Gets Attention as Standalone Connected Smartphone for the Car
02/25/2013 The Number of Mobile Applications Downloaded by Users Keeps Skyrocketing
02/08/2013 BlackBerry Stops Selling Phones in Japan: News Report
02/08/2013 Advanced Traceability Solutions Offers High-Tech Food Tracking for Farming Sector
01/11/2013 Swiss Mobile Telecom Market Remains Promising
01/10/2013 ZTE May Soon Sell Mozilla-Powered Phones in Europe, U.S. Starting this Year
01/08/2013 Samsung Begins to Release Patch in UK for Exynos Vulnerability
12/14/2012 'Poor' National Infrastructure Cited as Reason Mobile Tech is Prevented from Reaching Higher Levels of Social Impact
11/30/2012 Verizon Continues to be Ranked Best among Carriers for Cell Phone Service
11/01/2012 Hurricane Update: Slight Improvement in Cell Tower Service Reported, AT&T, T-Mobile Will Share Networks in New York, New Jersey
10/19/2012 Flash Memory Market to Edge Down This Year, But Brighter Future Predicted
10/19/2012 Popularity of Smartphones, Tablets Leads to Mobile DRAM Reaching Revenue Record during Second Quarter
10/16/2012 Bids Come in for Thailand's 3G Spectrum
10/15/2012 4G LTE Service in US Costs More than in Europe: Study
10/05/2012 Many U.S. Phone Owners 'Impressed' with Leaked BlackBerry 10 Specs
10/04/2012 Bharti Airtel Wins Legal Victory from High Court in India over 3G Service
10/03/2012 Mobile Sector May Undergo Contraction Despite Mobile Data Growth in the West: Study
10/03/2012 Users Employ Consumer Mobile Phones 68 Percent of the Time at Home: Study
10/01/2012 Financially Troubled LightSquared Wants to Use Federal Spectrum for its LTE Network
09/21/2012 German Court Dismisses Apple's Lawsuit against Samsung, Motorola Mobility
09/19/2012 New Phone Tower Joint Venture Possible in Russia: News Report
08/30/2012 Good Technology Introduces New App Features for iOS, Android Operating Systems
08/23/2012 Sony Mobile Lays off a Thousand Workers, will Move Headquarters to Tokyo
08/20/2012 Bitzer Mobile Manages Bring Your Own Device in Secure Fashion
08/10/2012 Sales Volumes for Apple, Samsung Now Out in Open from Court Case
08/02/2012 RIM To Launch New PlayBook Tablet Next Week in Canada
08/01/2012 OTI Wants Consumers to Have More Control over their Personal Data after It's Collected by Mobile Providers