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July 11, 2013

Tangoe Now Providing Clients Mobile Lifecycle Advisory Service

Tangoe, Inc. is now offering its clients a mobile lifecycle advisory service, which builds on the company’s managed mobility solutions (MMS) offering.

A provider of communications lifecycle management (CLM) software and services, Tangoe says its new mobile lifecycle advisory service provides businesses an assessment of their mobile management. That lets them more efficiently use mobility equipment and helps to keep costs down and lessens risks. It provides for better return on investment as well.

The service employs Tangoe’s mobile maturity framework, so users gain knowledge about the sector, such as on carriers and the market, as well as experiences of other companies.

“Advancements in mobile communications have triggered tremendous opportunities for organizations to transform their businesses and drive increased levels of mobile user productivity. But, if not managed correctly, these new capabilities can also create runaway costs and risks for the organization,” Al Subbloie, president and CEO of Tangoe, said in a company statement. “Through the Mobile Lifecycle Advisory Service, Tangoe helps organizations assess their current mobility environments, and create a roadmap with actionable strategies helping them to balance productivity and innovation with cost and risk management.”

The service identifies improvements when it comes to mobility. These include making sure a company’s mobile resources align with other corporate priorities, plans, and policies. Also, the company can plan for and limit mobile costs, as well as manage, monitor and secure its devices, and access applications and data, Tangoe said. In addition, it helps a company see how it is creating value and identify “mobility-enabled strategic advantages,” Tangoe said.

Tangoe gives a client a mobile maturity rating, which can be as low as “chaos” or as high as “aligned.” Then, Tangoe will come up with a unique plan called a “roadmap” which helps the business “operate their mobility program for optimal organizational benefits.”

Options range from including a review of a client’s strategy and cost management, assessment of current contracts, and an overview. Or, a more complete offering includes a review of mobile-related risk, productivity, and innovation. The services can be presented once a year or each financial quarter.

Tangoe now has over 1,200 clients, many of which are multinational corporations. The clients have also benefited from Tangoe’s expanded managed mobility solution (MMS) offering. It now has more forward and reverse logistics, the company explained in a statement released earlier this year.

“IT departments are often limited by not having the proper support staff or technical capabilities required to keep pace with changes and trends occurring within the mobile communications arena and, more importantly, within their mobile enterprise,” Subbloie said about the expansion, according to MobilityTechzone. “Building on the technology-enabled services our customers have relied upon for years—including device security, logistics, invoice processing, inventory management, and strategic consulting services—Tangoe’s expanded MMS solution provides critical mobility capabilities that many enterprises need to support their expanding mobile user bases. Utilizing Tangoe’s expanded MMS capabilities; organizations can now outsource device management and user support to Tangoe, allowing them to redirect their focus to strategic, core business issues.”

In the earlier statement, the company also explained how Tangoe provides services in some 200 countries, and manages millions of mobile devices. 

Edited by Alisen Downey

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