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November 22, 2012

Mobility TechZone Week in Review

Though we find ourselves in a week shortened by the upcoming festivities of Thanksgiving, there was some interesting technical and mobile news packed into the last three days. We hope that everyone finds their extended Thanksgiving weekend an awesome one!

First, let's get the mobile device and OS news out of the way. It appears that the 50+ carriers currently in pre-release testing of the new Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry hardware and operating system are showing some excitement about it. Enough so, in fact, that it moved a financial analyst with a once entirely negative outlook on RIM to offer up some new positive RIM perspectives. Or is it damning with faint praise? It's one or the other.

Apple has managed to score a slew of new patents from the Patent Office - 38 of them in fact. But among this collection there is one patent that we must rate as amazing. It has to do with page turning. Apple this week was also crowned King of the Mobile Ad Impressions Market; at least if a certain new market study is to be believed.

According to a recent statement from Norton by Symantec, one in three mobile users has had their mobile device lost or stolen, putting their personal data at risk. One in three is substantial. The new Norton Mobile Security protects against these situations, helping users to keep their device secure, recover the missing device, and prevent others from accessing their information.

On the mobile app and device end of things, KODAK has a new application for smartphones, which allows users to print photos taken on their smartphones and create photo gifts. iPhone or Android users can visit the KODAK kiosks found in participating CVS Pharmacies and Bartell Drug stores by using a wireless connection via the KODAK app, which can be downloaded for free on the KODAK website.

Tools for developing mobile apps - whether for consumers or for the enterprise, continues to be an enormously hot mobile market segment. But which tools - and which kinds of tools - are likely to emerge as the most desired? Further on the mobile tools front, SAIC is now working with Motorola Solutions to promote Moto's RhoMobile Suite to potential customers

This week also saw another of our favorites - device teardowns - emerge, this time from ABI Research, which recently dissected Samsung's new Galaxy S III E210s developed specifically for the Korean market. Guess what? The beast sports a new modem - one that is no longer from Qualcomm. Whose is it?

Mobile networks are seeing such heavy use that service providers continue to look for solutions to help make the most of these network assets, both in terms of resource efficiency and revenue creation. In a recent move reflecting that trend, ADVA Optical Networking today revealed that it has invested $1 million investment for a 10 percent stake in Saguna Networks, which provides mobile content optimization solutions.

Finally this week we have some interesting wireless network happenings. In Japan it appears that Japan's NTT is finding consumers are shifting demand from fixed networks to Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile networks, which is a real world test of whether LTE 4G networks and wireless broadband can replace fiber to the home for the last mile of connectivity. T-Mobile meanwhile, continues to make deals amidst an uncertain future. Perhaps one of those deals will work to mitigate something that Virginia Tech researchers have discovered: that new mobile networks are exposed to jamming attacks.

Those are the week's mobile highlights. For much more make sure to scope out Mobility TechZone directly.

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