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March 08, 2014

Mobility Techzone Week in Review

The past week has brought exciting change to the mobile tech industry. Between new products that revolutionize the way people use technology on the go to new studies that show exactly how people are using these products, we are witnessing an unprecedented rate of advancement. Combined, these new products and studies can show both consumers and manufacturers which trends are popular and which ones are not. Consumers can easily use this information to determine which products make the best fits for their lifestyles, while manufacturers can ascertain from the same set of information which direction their company should be heading.

For example, a recent study into T-mobile’s recent phone trade-in campaign revealed that up to 94 percent of BlackBerry Customers who gave up their phones used the opportunity to switch to another mobile platform. While it is entirely possible that many of these customers simply traded in an old BlackBerry device that they were no longer using for the device upgrade, the fact remains that these customers chose to get non-BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry phones appear to be on the decline, but it is possible that the company could focus their efforts on producing competitive software to stay ahead.

Another study conducted by Frost & Sullivan called the “Strategic Analysis of the World Optical and Image Sensors Market” seems to indicate that the market for optical and image sensor markets will soon be experiencing a significant growth around the world.  Hype about the upcoming “Internet of Things” along with tablets and smartphones that can actually take advantage of this technology means that there is both a will and a way to bring the concept to life, and Frost & Sullivan predicts a growth in revenue of nearly 75 percent over the next five years. The current issues that need to be solved include finding an affordable way to balance high image quality and technology with a low price.

Meanwhile, exciting developments in the world of mobile gaming include Gamebase’s reveal that they will be showcasing a new and powerful mobile game engine at the San Francisco Game Developers Conference. Called Reach3dx, the game engine is designed to provide high quality rendering that is flexible enough to be supported by all platforms. The other goal of the engine is to provide game developers with an easy-to-use system that will shorten development times.

Finally, Plantronics plans to wow supporters of wearable technology with their new Voyager Edge Headset. Featuring powerful yet battery-friendly Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, the headset includes three speakers and powerful voice control and noise-cancelling capabilities. Users can answer phone calls by simply saying “answer” out loud, for example, making the Edge truly a “smart” Bluetooth device.

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