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T-Mobile's DIGITS Adds More Connectivity to Mobile Communications
By Frank Griffin
T-Mobile just launched the beta version of its DIGITS technology to give users more connectivity options to mobile communications with multiple numbers and devices.

The 4 Best Free International Calling Apps to Call Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season
By Special Guest
The holidays are upon us once more, when we often feel how far away our loved ones are. Many of us live in different cities, states, or even countries from our friends and family.

PacketZoom Launches Global Mobile App Network Benchmarks
By Michael Guta
The global mobile app network benchmarks launched by PacketZoom will give developers and publishers around the world a platform to gauge the performance of their applications across different networks.

Is Mobile Banking Safe?
By Special Guest
In the digital world, the game of cops and robbers is often a battle between security personnel and hackers.

Biometrics Big Part of Mobility Tech
By Steve Anderson
Mobility tech is about to focus more on faces and voices, as over 600 million devices will feature biometrics by 2021.

The Best Apps for House Hunting
By Special Guest
You have to act fast in order to lock in the latest listings. Let's check out the four most useful tools for house hunting that can help you gain an edge over the competition.

The Best Apps for Realtors
By Special Guest
Apps allow realtors to access industry information right at their fingertips, and take the listing process from start to finish. Let's take a look at the top apps for realtors.

Top 10 Apps for Extreme Couponing
By Special Guest
Mobility technology is starting to make its way into couponing, as companies are starting to offer mobile coupons since they are easier to find and organize on smartphones.

HZO Sealing Technology Protects Devices from the Inside
By Paula Bernier
HZO Inc. seals automotive, consumer electronics, IoT, medical, and other devices from the inside, protecting them from corrosive liquids, fumes, gases, salt water, and water.

Mobility Tech Gives Disabled Individuals New Freedom
By Special Guest
Mobility disabilities can be one of the most debilitating issues a person can have; each day can feel like a struggle to overcome obstacles and travel from one place to another.

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