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Joe Rizzo has been involved in technology for nearly 30 years. Whether taking on building out PC Magazine’s networking labs infrastructure back in the heyday of PC computing in the late 80s and early 90s, or providing network consulting services in and around New York City, he’s had his hand on tech-related stuff for seemingly forever. These days, in addition to still playing the tech guy he also manages a couple of APA league pool teams and he can be found every Monday and Tuesday nights at NYC’s Bleecker Bar where he dreams of getting to Las Vegas and winning a championship.

Latest Articles

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02/18/2015 RootMetrics Review: Verizon and At&T Top List
02/09/2015 Cablevision Offers Wi-Fi-Exclusive Phone Service with Freewheel
01/30/2015 Expect to See a 40 Percent Increase in Wireless LAN Market
01/21/2015 New Forecast Shows LTE Macro and Small Cell RAN Market to Exceed $24 Billion by 2019
01/19/2015 Next Step to 5G Taken in UK by Ofcom
01/15/2015 Investments Focus on Wireless as FCC Discussions on Net Neutrality Impede Wireline Broadband
12/22/2014 Mobile Predictions for 2015
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09/11/2014 Qualcomm Targets Inexpensive Smartphones with New Chip
09/08/2014 Subscription Models Support Falling Equipment Revenues as Enterprise Continues to Drive Femtocell Market
09/04/2014 Verizon Wireless Settles with FCC for Violating Customer Privacy
08/27/2014 Crucial for Operators Looking to Grow the US $1 Trillion Telecom Market are Carrier APIs
08/27/2014 Instagram Puts a High Quality Video Setup in the Palm of Your Hand
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07/31/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Nokia Acquires a Healthy Portion of Panasonic
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06/26/2014 Slingshot is Now Available to International Users
06/26/2014 'L' Previewed by Google
06/26/2014 "L" is Previewed by Google
06/26/2014 Merging Smaller Wireless Companies Could Increase Suburban Competition
06/24/2014 EE is Set to Launch VoLTE Next Year
06/20/2014 Offer to Test Drive an iPhone for a Week from T-Mobile
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06/05/2014 Sprint Looking to Close on Deal to Acquire T-Mobile
06/03/2014 T-Mobile's Wi-Fi Calling Works on iOS 8
05/29/2014 This Year China will Overtake the US as the World's Largest Mobile Phone Market by Revenue
05/27/2014 xG Technology and Shoreline Energy Ltd Explore Partnership
05/22/2014 ASA Orders EE to Drop the Broadband Claim from its Marketing Campaign
05/20/2014 Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Lightweight and Full of Power
05/19/2014 Comings & Goings: Ericsson Appoints Heads of Two Newly Announced Business Units
05/19/2014 Comings & Goings: Ericsson Appoints Heads of Two Newly Announced Business Units
05/15/2014 Q1 Results: Tablet Market Driven by Samsung
05/14/2014 Inertia is the Driving Force Behind Customer Retention in the Mobile Industry
05/12/2014 Rayovac is Redefining Power "On the Go"
05/08/2014 Google Integrates iOS and Android Maps for Uber
05/07/2014 Soft Component Orders Are the Outlook for Samsung
04/30/2014 Sprint's Q1 2014 Results Show a Net Loss
04/29/2014 Additional Antennas Means More Consistent Connections for T-Mobile
04/28/2014 IPsmarx and Prepay: Empowering Service Providers to Generate Revenue in Multibillion Dollar Mobile Top Up Market
04/28/2014 Results for the First Ever Mobile Video Benchmark Study Announced
04/24/2014 Smartphones Aren't Just for Young People
04/23/2014 Sprints Plan by 2015: Unlockable Phones
04/23/2014 Restricting Bidding at Spectrum Auction Will Not Necessarily Reduce Revenue
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04/21/2014 Will AT&T Participate in the Incentive Spectrum Auction?
04/15/2014 Samsung and Peel Team Up Again to Expand Second Screen TV App
04/15/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Motorola's Tracking Technology Goes to Zebra for $3.5 Billion
04/14/2014 US Mobile Local Ad Revenue Could Reach $4.5 Billion This Year
04/14/2014 WiLAN Acquires Automotive Portfolio, Providing Additional Information on Carrier License
04/14/2014 Two Contracts for InterCloud to Deploy Small Cell Networks
04/11/2014 Comings & Goings: Creator of the iPhone User Interface Leaves Apple After Clash with Jony Ive
04/10/2014 Simple Starter Plan from T-Mobile Launches Soon for $40
04/10/2014 Comings & Goings: The New President and COO of Motorola Mobility is Rick Osterloh
04/07/2014 Brendan Eich Resigns as Mozilla CEO, Leaves Foundation Board Amid Controversy
04/07/2014 Second Loss in Three Quarters Hits HTC Hard